A lesson and a memory..

21 02 2010

So there she was the next table over…,

but before we get into that, let me tell you how the night went! 

It was my birthday two days ago. ūüôā¬† So,¬†my friend Daria took me out last night.¬† Thank you Daria for letting God use you.¬† I remember two days early lying in my bed saying, God, I wish I had more friends who had wealth so they can take me out the way I want to be taken out.¬† Before you begin to judge read on…

I have been going through this reformation lately!¬† It’s been a rude awakening, out of the grips of self-preservation in it’s lowest¬†common denominator¬†and into the abundant expectation of the necessary reality I’m in.¬† You see, I’m from the ghetto, born and raised, and I love the streets.¬† I love my people.¬† I have sooo¬†much compassion for everyone going through and really overcoming great obstacles and adversities.¬† I am sooo proud of you my friends and my families, I know what it is to almost break and die, but never quit.¬† There does come a point though, where all that has to change!

Simply overcoming and barely making it, is not a suitable lifestyle for me anymore.¬† Gone are the days¬†of marking my worth by the mere birth challenges that surrounded me.¬† No!¬† contrary to what I was told, I am worth so much more.¬† I deserve all I want in life and I’ve worked so hard thus far.¬† But without even working at it, it’s my God given¬†right to acquire my righteous inheritance and the spoils of my calling.¬† When it comes to overcoming and working for others,¬† I don’t know too many other people that¬†have done sooo much for others with so little.¬† For this, I do believe that my mentality has to change.¬†

Our mentality must change.¬† You can’t have what you don’t believe in.¬†¬† Do you believe that your worth more.¬† Do you love yourself?¬† For you can’t give what you don’t already have within yourself.

So, back to the story.¬† I told God¬† I wanted to be taken out the way I desired.¬† So, Daria as mentioned in the first paragraph took me out, dinner and the museum.¬† We didn’t really plan it much, just took it as the night came.¬† She paid for my gas.¬† It was expensive.¬† I asked myself “Am I worth it?” immediately after my mind tried to make me feel bad about it.¬†

So,¬†we¬†went on to the museum, but we were hungry.¬† We were supposed to go to a bbq¬†spot.¬† Instead, we ended up going across¬†the walk way of the Hyart¬†museum to a fine dine restaurant.¬† In¬†lamens¬†terms, each plate of food was $20 and up.¬† I got this special made pork chop dish with veggies and such,¬†was AMAZING.¬† I was eating like I wanted to, the quality I so desire for myself (we’re all different!)¬† I mean I cook and I’m really good at it, so I¬†didn’t want to go to a restaurant and eat something I can make, I wanted better!¬† Here I go, eating with all these wealthy people, but I still kept my own style of course! ūüôā I did not change me, but if that wasn’t enough then we saw Leonardo¬†Divinci’s work at the museum, wow, what an amazing night!

Before that though, back at the restaurant, there was a woman at another table behind me.  I could see her in my side view.  Blue eyes, thick frame, nicely dressed, full lips.  She sat, talked and postured like a woman, just like I like.  Previously, I had begun to flirt with the waitress, but then I saw this woman.  I was at a cross-road.  I have to admit, she was sooo beautiful I felt intimidated, but we caught eyes twice. 

She passed by the table, blue shirt moving slow.¬† She wanted me to talk to her.¬† She passed by and exiting the hallway she looked back to tend to her little brother, she wanted to be seen.¬† I had a choice, take a chance and run out that door for this woman I hadn’t spoken to, or sit there and continue to build repoir with the waitress.¬† I sat, thought. I knew if I’d get up, I’d be noticed by the waitress and that opportunity would be messed up, but I knew what I wanted!¬† You see, for me, there will be no more settling.¬† I know what I¬†want and what I’m worth and I will now begin to match my ability to receive with my expectation of gain, and run after it with all my might!

Will you join me?¬† Will you be honest with yourself long enough to recognize that all that you want has been staring you in the face?¬† Sure, it might be difficult sometimes to obtain, but let me tell you, it is much more easier to see and achieve, when you remove all the distractions.¬† Our problem isn’t deciding what we want.¬† No my friend, our problem is excepting the fact that we’re worth it.¬†

Choose it.

Pursue it.

Live it.

By Sergio Valentin Jr.

P.S.¬† I was too late walking out the door and she was no where in sight.¬† My delay in deciding if I was worth it and if I was willing to give something mediocre to get it, caused me to miss out!¬† But next time, I’ll¬†know what I want and I’ll be ready to drop all and get it! ūüôā


Movie Review: Love Happens

9 02 2010

So, hello there!

This is Sergio, writer and founder of “Daily Surge.”¬† Typically, the daily surge as founded, was just an inspirational text written and sent out to a mass audience of friends and acquaintances,¬†meant to encourage and help people along the day, week, and really their lifetime.¬† To help us all reflect daily on things like character, habits and mindsets.¬† Today, I’d like to add to that.¬† I’m going to write about a movie I’ve seen.¬† You see this is part of my encouragement, so I thought, unlike traditional format of the daily surge, that I’d just keep it real and raw with you and just write!

I just finished watching Love Happens!¬† Woow, how refreshing of a movie.¬† No sex, not even any¬†sexual innuendo’s, drug paraphernalia, or any real perverse or pervasive language.¬† I mean this movie was intriguing without the usual hollywood exploits that appeal to our degenerate/spontaneous fleshly nature.¬† This movie, appealed to the heart.¬† ūüôā¬† Well done Love Happens.

From the start, this movie touched real issues about real people who have lost loved one’s.¬† It was set¬†around this man who was a motivational speaker.¬† So you know that I dug that right! ;p yeah~!¬† But, there was more to the story, while he was encouraging others to face their fears and grieve as is a natural process in the letting go and getting over the death reality in the passing of loved one’s, he himself was not facing his own fears.¬† His wife had died and he alienated everyone.¬†

What a touching movie.¬† I mean, I’m pretty sentimental but I won’t cry.¬† This one got a few tears out.¬† Woops, kind of just happened (no pun intended lol).¬† The love story in the movie was great.¬† You’d have to see the movie but, I came up with a quote off the interaction¬†between the two main characters, “a good woman nudges a good man to face his fears and carry out great things!”¬† How true of a movie, I mean she was right on time in his life, to help him overcome his fears and live a free life in love and acceptance of the goodness around him.¬† He had held himself in a prison and didn’t even allow himself to enjoy his new found success.¬†

What can I say.¬† I give this movie a, and I quote, “Whoping, A-okay!”¬† This movie was the best movie I’ve seen this year and last year.¬† Touched on real people in real situation, working on real relationships.¬† No, not sex and momentary romance, but real genuine heartfelt connections.¬† You know, what romance movies used to be¬†like, with morals and truth and value.¬† With real¬†individuals that¬†messed up in life and made bad decisions and where really looking for something good, that would last.¬† That was this movie.¬†

So in closing, rent or buy Love Happens.¬† I felt so inspired off the movie, that I thought you know what, I’m going to face one of my fears.¬† That was writing this blog.¬† Yes, really that’s it.¬† I’ve been so used to keeping my writing revues on life, love or anything entertainment, separate from my inspirational quotes, that I started believing that they did not go together.¬† And that’ll just make you go crazy, when you feel like you have to wear multiple hats in front of different people!¬† Well this is me, Sergio.¬† And while the Daily Surge is not all about me,¬† the Daily Surge is about inspiration,¬†and it doesn’t always have to come in the form of a quote, or a text, it can come from a movie! ūüôā

Challenge:¬† Whatever you’ve wanted to do, that you haven’t, for whatever reason you’ve made negative excuses for on why you shouldn’t, do it!¬† That’s it.




By Sergio Valentin Jr.

Daily Surge

5 02 2010

Quote of the day


“There are many reasons you can’t do something, but¬†only the reason you can really matters!¬† Don’t let negativity bear its burden on your decisions”


I¬†find myself often, finding what I love to do and building this dream and plan in my mind for accomplishing it.¬† But before I apply myself to do it, I think about every possible reason or difficulty that could, (if I shall allow it)¬†¬†prohibit me from accomplishing it.¬† It’s almost like I’m saying that in order for something to be¬†possible or even logical, it has to be¬†a full proof no failure plan?¬† Are you kidding me.¬† Imagine if we gave good reasons the same type of value that we give bad one’s.¬† In that case you could give a person 99 reasons they shouldn’t do something and they would only need 1 to believe it’s possible!¬†¬†And even more, to be convinced that if they do it with such conviction and in such a way as they believe that it will absolutely happen!

I mean think about it?¬† How many times has a thought like rejection or not being good enough been the thing to cripple you in your mind before you even physically tried to do something?¬† How many times has your mind and emotions lead¬†you to accept¬†failure without even trying?¬† It’s not even real!¬† You have no idea what your capable of¬†in the moment without trying.¬† There’s speculation but no absolute.¬†¬† Even the bible says that a righteous man falls seven times and gets back up again.¬† With that type of resiliency¬†to defeat attitude, we are destined to win at anything we try. That’s if, we don’t give up and keep trying.¬† And let’s clear something up (I’m speaking to myself as well), trying, is not thinking about it and being so self-consumed that you think you’ve done all you can.¬† No, trying is putting some physical effort to action!

I challenge you today!¬† What’s something that’s been burning in your heart to do for such a long time.¬† Something that you always ask someone else to encourage you on.¬† Something that you always went to others hoping they would tell you it was good and you should do it.¬† Well, regardless what report from others you have received about the situation, remember, they are not in your shoes or your mind.¬† If they would have thought about it, then it would be for them to try and¬†do.¬† But, they haven’t, you have.¬† So, stand up and try it.¬† Try it at least once!¬† Then, we’ll take it from there.



Achieve. (it’s your destiny)

By SergioValentin Jr.

Daily Surge

10 05 2008

Quote of the Day


“When you don’t have an end result in mind, time will create one for you. Desperation will cause you to settle on a down graded version of your expectation.”


In a microwave generation, where everything is expected almost instantaneously as we think it up, waiting is a thing of the past.  However, without an end result in mind, desperation will cause you to settle on something for right now (to fill a void), rather than pursuing and waiting for what you really want (investing). Think about it anything you get fast, you lose fast!  But those things you had to work hard for, you hold on to and appreciate. 

Take time to dream!¬† If you just merely think and act, but don’t envision, then you’ll¬†be stuck with a¬†short-term¬†vision for your life.¬†Everything you gain will be easily disposed of, because your just acquiring things to get you by.¬† Your not shooting for things that you can use for the rest of your life.

So I challenge you today!¬†¬†Go back¬†or forward and think about the things you have vs.¬†the things you always wanted.¬† Consider where you got off track, where you stopped believing.¬† Where you got desperate and decided to stop pushing and start settling.¬† Again, anything easily gained is typically easily lost and invaluable, but anything worth fighting for usually has it’s just reward!






By S.Valentin Jr.